Make Earth Cooler

Trees Absorb Carbon and Make Clouds

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in our atmosphere are higher than at any time during the last 
800,000 years: average temperatures are rising.

Trees  also release water vapor and microscopic nuclei needed for cloud formation. Clouds have a high albedo effect, reflecting the incident solar radiation back into space.

Alleviate Poverty

Creating Jobs and Employing Women

Planting 2,000 trees provides employment for 1 person for a whole month in some of our projects. In the countries where we work one person often supports a large family.

In the poorest countries our planting activities provide income to women where no other cash economy exits. With their salaries, they are able to send their children to school or pay for medicine.

Alleviate poverty thanks to reforestation

Restore Ecosystems

Biodiverse Forests Provide Numerous Benefits

Trees form the foundations of many natural systems. They help to conserve soil and water, reduce landslides, prevent desertification and  protect coastal areas.
Forests are the most important repositories of terrestrial biological biodiversity, housing up to 90 per cent of known terrestrial species.

Restore Ecosystems
Make Earth Cooler
Alleviate Poverty
Restore Ecosystems

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"I have a vision...

"One day local employers will queue outside of the Kamfinsa prison, waiting to hire the inmates for the skills they have learned with us." 
Nick O Connor,  WeForest Zambia.

Planting trees together with us